Transforming Care

Developing the capability to lead, innovate + continuously improve 


A programme that helps people develop the capability required to lead, innovate + continuously improve




  • The sequential + systematic acquisition of the skills, knowledge + experience needed to lead care redesign, innovation + continuous improvement
  • A culture of shared learning + continuous quality improvement
  • Inter-disciplinary learning + practice
  • Strong innovation + improvement networks across the organisation
  • A leadership mindset – engaging + empowering colleagues
  • Capability to work in + lead clinical teams

Transforming Care Model

i3 Transforming Care 3 Tiers

Transforming Care is a tiered progamme designed to build innovation and improvement capability across our organisation.

The programme seeks to maximise staff engagement by tailoring training and support to different levels of knowledge and experience. The programme is designed for people to sequentially acquire the skills, knowledge and experience required to lead care transformation. 

Work in Progress

Tier 1

  • Clinical Costings workshops planned and aim to help staff to understand cost data, and learn how the DHB is funded, the drivers of cost, and causes of cost variability
  • We are developing a Quality Improvement resource for all staff that is accessible, and cost effective, and that can help staff to apply QI tools for simple projects
  • Blended e-learning modules for six 'foundation' Tier 1 topics are to be developed

Tier 2

  • Developing a QI programme within Mental Health and Addictions services based successful QI programme in mental health undertaken by East London Foundation Trust (UK) and in surgery at Beaumont Hospital (Ireland)
  • Developing awareness and understanding of how 'Health Media' can be utilised to improve patient engagement with pilot sites, including development of best practice guidelines for clinicians
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Tier 3

i3 Transforming Care - Tier 1

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