Leapfrog Aims

Leapfrog Aims


What's Different About Leapfrog?

We are transforming the way things are done within the public health sector in order to:

  • create a new way of working with e-systems
  • improve mobility for clinicians
  • improve patient experience

Focused intensive projects with significant impact and benefits

Nimble and agile - simple solutions

Progressive incremental steps to future vision

Learning from best international examples

Short to medium term value in cost-effective way

Leapfrog Project Selection

Keys to Success

  • CEO sponsorship - high visibility
  • Strategic consideration of projects + overarching themes
  • Funding + resource commitment
  • Leapfrog team - clinical leads, IT + programme management

Leapfrog Phase 1 Projects

Leapfrog Phase 2 Projects

The people who use it drive it

- Dr Lester Levy, Board Chair

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